Haters gonna hate. I drown out the negativity by turning something negative Into something positive. Yesterday and most of this summer while riding my bike around town in Oregon I get some haters yelling cruel stuff at me out their cars. Mainly men. Cat calls make me feel like I am doing something right, like when I get whistled at or people trying to take photos of me while they drive by. But I get more haters yelling mean stuff like, get your shirt back on or just rudely yelling and me and calling me a show off.

So I turn the negativity into positivity by giving my haters a thumbs up and smile back. But then I harnessed that energy and went home, closed my garage door and posted hot nude photos of me and my bike for my Onlyfans page see here: https://onlyfans.com/nickdent?ref=584029 I’m not letting their jealousy or insecurities weigh me down. As Tai Lopez says “Your opinion never cut me a check.” Tailopez.com. His online mentoring program has taught me so much. I’ve learned to smoke the haters out and keep doing what makes me happy and makes me money. Soon I’m going to have to get new haters because they are going to all starting liking me. I know I’m doing something right about turning the negative into positive. What are your favorite ways to crush the haters?


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