Here is a photo from me on set earlier. I can’t say yet what we were filming for but you will find out soon enough. I had to perform last night at my usual Friday Saturday gig so sleep was very little, hit the sack around 4am. Woke up early and checked my wardrobe, drank some coffee, had a protein shake and out the door I went.

Personally I really like to prepare my lines as much as I can in the time I have the script, and I did. So even if you might be a little tired the lines were a part of me and I could pull it off even if tennis balls were being shot at me.

Filming was so much fun! The script was a blast and I hope my Spokesman skills will take their product to the next level and go viral!

The shirt you see me wearing I ran in and grabbed from Walmart on my way up to Portland. I’m glad they chose that one for filming, it justified my purchase. Although I may have to return it, since I’m expecting to gain 10 pounds here soon.


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