Watching the eclipse today 8/21/2017, was mind blowing. I was able to see it in full totality in Oregon today from the front porch of my parents home. My brother and I tracked the exact time of travel of the moon to the sun by using I brought my professional movie camera and changed the filters and speed to create this amazing footage. The temperature dropped in NW Oregon from 82 degrees at 9:47 am then the moon moved into its position over the space of around 30 minutes and then the temp dropped down to 64 degrees and was totally dark by 10:12am. We were able to remove the special glasses for 2 whole minutes during complete coverage.

I’ve never experienced a Total Eclipse before. This was an out of this world moment for me. Words cannot express the magic you feel inside. It’s like the world stood still in darkness and everyone was equal for two whole minutes.

Here is a video I made today of the Eclipse. It’s only 1.49 now¬†

Also a Double Total Eclipse video on my page

If you missed this years Solar Eclipse be sure to track it’s next locations in 2024 and get to those States.


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